Does Life Insurance Expire?

Life insurance is something that more people can benefit from than you might think. With a good life insurance policy, you can have peace of mind, a great policy to fall back on, and your family can stop worrying about paying for funeral expenses and end of life expenses should something happen. For those that live in the Phoenix, AZ area, the agents with Genesis Insurance can help you find the perfect insurance policy.

Life Insurance Expiration

A great thing to consider is the expiration of life insurance. For the most part, life insurance is not going to expire in the traditional sense unless you stop paying for it. In these cases, the policy will lapse, and you will need to take out new coverage and start payments again.

An example where you may consider the life insurance to be expiring in a sense is with term life insurance. Term life insurance is a policy type that you pay toward for a specific term. If you do not use the policy within the term, you may be able to get your premiums back for the time that you paid. This type of coverage is best if you do not want a policy that you will have to pay on for life or until it is used. A term policy is going to have the same benefits but may have lower premiums than other types of coverage.

In some cases, you can continue coverage even after you have reached the term of the policy. For those that live in Arizona or Texas, the agents with Genesis Insurance in Phoenix, AZ can help you find out what type of policy works best for you, what type of coverage you need once you get your policy in order, and how to find the right amount for you.