Surprising Things Auto Insurance Covers

Auto insurance can cover a number of different things, and there are some obvious benefits, but there are also some you probably didn’t think of in Phoenix, AZ. An agent at Genesis Insurance can help you with any questions about your policy.

  • Damage from Rodents: It may not be likely, but rodents, such as mice and squirrels, can do severe damage to the inner workings of a vehicle. They do this damage by building nests or chewing on electrical wires. Comprehensive coverage can pay for damage that is caused by animals.
  • Car Seats: Car seats are needed in order to protect your children properly and should be replaced after an accident. Insurance companies view car seats as part of your car, and they are covered under collision coverage.
  • Falling Objects: Comprehensive coverage will cover all falling objects, whether that’s a tree branch that comes down during a storm, construction materials falling, or rocks from an overpass.
  • Wildlife: Animals in the road can cause a lot of damage, and even hitting a small animal can trigger an accident. Comprehensive coverage will pay for repairs. It’s not just getting into a collision with a vehicle. For example, if a bear rips into your car to get food, you could be covered as well.
  • Potholes: If you hit a pothole at high speed and cause damage to your vehicle, your collision coverage can come in handy. Technically, you would be considered at fault for the accident, but repairs to your car will be covered.
  • Others’ Personal Property: Your personal property in your car, such as your laptop, isn’t covered under your car insurance, but someone else’s property is. If there is damage to someone’s property while in your car, the liability insurance will help pay for any costs.

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