What Happens If You Crash Without Auto Insurance?

At Genesis Insurance, we’ve had to work with people in Phoenix, AZ who don’t have car insurance. Some people try to go without this vital protection and end up in a severe accident. Then, they experience some real financial and legal problems that they could have easily avoided. 

You’re in Trouble If You Cause the Accident 

When you cause an accident, and you don’t have car insurance, you are in likely in serious legal and financial trouble. With insurance, your liability coverage would protect you from lawsuits and help pay the damages and legal fees. Without it, you are on your own. 

As a result, if somebody sues you for $50,000 after an accident and wins, you’re liable to pay these damages. In some cases, you may even be in legal trouble because you didn’t have auto insurance. This problem makes the situation even more complex and challenging to handle. 

You May Still Be in Trouble If You Didn’t 

You might think that you’d be able to sue a driver who caused an accident even if you don’t have insurance. In states with lax auto insurance laws, you may. However, other states have what are known as "no pay, no play" laws. These are designed to protect insured drivers and punish uninsured ones. 

In essence, these laws state that a lack of insurance limits your ability to sue. For example, you can’t sue for non-financial damages, such as emotional duress or physical pain. And you may have to pay pretty hefty fees before you sue. While Arizona doesn’t have these laws, you may run into complications if a judge tasks exception to your lack of insurance. 

Learning More 

So if you need help finding high-quality car insurance to avoid these dangers, please contact us at Genesis Insurance. We serve Phoenix, AZ with some of the best protection around. Contact us to get a free quote or to learn more about your policy options through us and to protect yourself from serious lawsuits.