NFIP Tips to Flood Proof Your Home

Building a new home in Phoenix, AZ can be an exciting undertaking. You may pick a house style you’ve had your heart set on for years, but it may not work well with the plat you’ve purchased. You may have bought land in a flood zone. Rather than build without regard to the floodplain, you can build in accordance with guidelines from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Using the advice from FEMA and NFIP helps you flood-proof your home, so it sustains less damage when a flood does occur.

Genesis Insurance knows that many people do not associate floods with Arizona, but floods can happen anywhere. The fact is that a sudden rainfall can cause the unprepared ground to reject the water falling on it. Rather than seeping into the ground, when rain strikes the extremely dry ground, it pools. The desert climate of Arizona doesn’t provide regular moisture for the ground. You should also know that homeowners’ insurance does not cover rising water damage.

You can obtain flood insurance though. You can also make it easier to obtain and reduce possible damage to your home by following NFIP and FEMA building design recommendations.

– Build the home elevated to the appropriate height to avoid floodwaters. You can build on stilts or use other elevation means.

– Landscape using drainage methods that divert water from the home.

– Use berms or other decorative means of blocking floodwaters from nearby creeks, rivers or lakes.

While home elevation has become the most common means of flood protection, you can find a number of methods on the FEMA website. After building, contact Genesis Insurance of Phoenix, AZ to obtain the flood insurance you need.