3 Life Insurance Features to Look For in Your Policy

Life insurance is a great way to protect your family while also growing your financial portfolio. If you are interested in this type of life insurance policy, it is important to speak with a qualified agent who has the training and certifications necessary when dealing with these products. Genesis Insurance, serving the greater Phoenix, AZ area and parts of Texas, is here to help you determine which type of life insurance policy is right for your needs.

3 Features to Look for in a Life Insurance Policy

  1. Living benefit – there are certain policies that allow you to access your money while living. These are beneficial for anyone looking for a way to fund significant life expenses such as college tuition, weddings, or helping their children with a down payment for a first home.
  2. Growth potential – life insurance can be an important part of a financial portfolio and can provide the opportunity for growth potential. These policies are considered financial instruments, and only qualified agents can offer them to their clients. 
  3. Preferential tax treatment – our tax code can be confusing and stressful, and many people look for straightforward and legal ways to streamline their tax burden. There are a number of different policies that are good tax vehicles because they delay income tax payment until withdrawal or can grow tax-free. These policies do not provide any guarantees about the level of growth or tax savings and should be considered as one part of a financial plan.

Residents in the greater Phoenix, AZ area can rely on the skill and expertise that the Genesis Insurance team possesses. If you are seeking a life insurance policy that offers more than just a death benefit, call us today and learn more about the available options.