3 Tips for Phoenix Business Owners When Choosing Commercial Insurance

Phoenix, AZ is a fantastic city to start up a business. The vibes there are perfect for owners who can’t wait to show off what they do best. But part of running a successful enterprise is having the right commercial insurance to keep yourself afloat if something goes wrong. Genesis Insurance is here to provide you with some tips, so you can get off on the right foot. 

Think About the Consequences 

What happens if you need to close your building for three weeks for repairs? How will you handle a liability claim from a customer who claims injury from a product defect? Could you pay for your deductible during certain months? Commercial insurance can cover you from certain things, but you need to make sure that your policy goes beyond the bare minimum if you want real protection. 

Remain Flexible 

Your business may start small and climb to new heights, or you may decide to downsize when you’re ready to take on the next challenge. Your commercial insurance is as flexible as your business is, but you need to keep this in mind when you’re picking out your initial coverage. Make sure you’re hitting a smart balance based on both where your business is now and where you plan to take it. 

Talk to Someone Who Knows 

You can’t learn about commercial insurance just by skimming through your policy and looking for a few articles online. Genesis Insurance is here to boil down the most essential facts of commercial insurance so that you feel confident when you finalize your plan. Give us a call if you’re in Phoenix, AZ, and don’t want to take a chance on your livelihood.