Does Your Auto Insurance Cover a Different Driver?

When it comes to having auto insurance, there are questions you’ll want to address. For example, letting someone else drive your car could be risky if your policy won’t cover them. At Genesis Insurance, we can help drivers in and around the Phoenix AZ area get the answers they’re looking for, so they can have the right insurance coverage for their needs. Our agents are here to help, and to make sure you’re covered properly. That coverage needs to be right for the way you use your vehicle, and should also help with your peace of mind. 

If you have an auto policy and someone else drives your car, they’re generally covered as an occasional driver. If they’re going to be using your car a lot, though, adding them to your policy as a driver could be the right choice. Then you know they’re covered, and you don’t have to worry about taking any risks with that. It’s also a good idea for someone who only drives your car occasionally to have coverage on their own vehicles, as that will typically protect them in the event that they use someone else’s car infrequently.

Don’t take chances as to whether you or other drivers of your car have proper coverage. Instead, reach out to us at Genesis Insurance agency today and let us help you get the auto insurance policy that meets your needs. If you’re in the Phoenix, AZ area, we can work with you to find the best type and level of coverage for your vehicle and driving habits. Then you won’t need to worry about whether another driver will be covered if they use your vehicle, and you can just get back to enjoying all the great things the Phoenix area has to offer.