Does Life Insurance Expire?

Life insurance is something that more people can benefit from than you might think. With a good life insurance policy, you can have peace of mind, a great policy to fall back on, and your family can stop worrying about paying for funeral expenses and end of life expenses should something happen. For those that live in the Phoenix, AZ area, the agents with Genesis Insurance can help you find the perfect insurance policy.

Life Insurance Expiration

A great thing to consider is the expiration of life insurance. For the most part, life insurance is not going to expire in the traditional sense unless you stop paying for it. In these cases, the policy will lapse, and you will need to take out new coverage and start payments again.

An example where you may consider the life insurance to be expiring in a sense is with term life insurance. Term life insurance is a policy type that you pay toward for a specific term. If you do not use the policy within the term, you may be able to get your premiums back for the time that you paid. This type of coverage is best if you do not want a policy that you will have to pay on for life or until it is used. A term policy is going to have the same benefits but may have lower premiums than other types of coverage.

In some cases, you can continue coverage even after you have reached the term of the policy. For those that live in Arizona or Texas, the agents with Genesis Insurance in Phoenix, AZ can help you find out what type of policy works best for you, what type of coverage you need once you get your policy in order, and how to find the right amount for you.  

10 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Winter weather presents myriad hazards for homeowners. Here are ten suggestions from the Department of Energy to prepare for the season.
Be sure to contact Genesis Insurance, serving Arizona and Texas, to make sure your homeowner’s insurance is up to date.

1. Inspect Roof
Before the first major storm of the season, it is a good idea to hire a professional roofer to inspect and repair your roof.

2. Ensure the Furnace is Functioning
Schedule your heating system for regular service and replace your air filter once a month or as needed.

3. Clean Out Gutters
Prevent damage from ice blockage by cleaning leaves and debris from gutters before the cold temperatures arrive.

4. Disconnect Outside Hoses
Another easy way to prevent unwanted ice backup is to disconnect and drain outside hoses.

5. Stock Up on Salt
Stock up now on rock salt to be ready to prevent injuries on your front steps and sidewalks.

6. Add Insulation
Conserve energy and save money by insulating exterior doors and windows.

7. Protect Water System
Insulate pipes in colder parts of your house to prevent freezing.

8. Invest in a Generator
Before the electricity goes out is the best time to pick up a generator to keep important appliances running in the event of power loss.

9. Get the Chimney Cleaned
If your home has a fireplace and chimney, get it cleaned out to save energy and for fire prevention.

10. Check Fire Extinguishers and Smoke Alarms
Before lighting the fireplace and turning up the heat for the furnace, verify that your fire extinguisher and smoke alarms are in good working order.

Now that you’re winter ready, be sure to contact Genesis Insurance, serving Arizona and Texas, to update your homeowner’s insurance for winter.

Sole Proprietor Advantages Using Commercial Insurance

Most small businesses in Arizona run by a single person are bootstrap operations when started. Insurance is often skipped for the business if the sole proprietor already has insurance coverage through personal policies. That can include renters’ and homeowners’ insurance, auto insurance, and even regular day job health insurance. But this assumption can be mistaken, especially when it gets discovered that the claim against one of these policies turns out to be related to a sole proprietor business. That’s because when the personal policies were created, the insurance providers assumed they were addressing the risks of a private individual, not a business owner. The policy language may bar or limit anything associated with a business risk. The same is even more likely if the sole proprietor gets sued by a business’ customer and damages are sought from the litigation.

Commercial insurance solves the above problem for a sole proprietor. It is specifically designed for a business, and the risk assumed is business-related right from the start. Typical risks covered can and usually do include injuries during the course of the business, losses to the business property, and even lawsuits against your business activity. It’s almost a given that a private homeowner’s insurance is not going to accept these kinds of claims in comparison. For sole proprietors in Arizona, Genesis Insurance can find an appropriate provider, depending on the business need. Our staff regularly works with small businesses of all types in the commercial insurance market. So, to choose a policy or learn more about how commercial insurance works, give Genesis Insurance a call.

Bad Driving Habits can Damage Your Car

Many drivers are guilty of bad driving habits that damage their vehicles. Most people, however, are unaware of these habits or the damage they can cause. Recognizing these habits can give you the incentive to stop. Here are some of the most common driving habits that cause vehicles harm.

Riding Brakes

Braking is an essential aspect of driving. Riding your brakes, however, is not. Riding brakes, especially when going downhill, will cause them to wear out quicker. Brake overuse can even cause brake discs to warp before their time, forcing you to have them replaced at your expense.

Accelerating /Braking Rapidly

Although there are times you have to stop suddenly, some people have a habit of accelerating rapidly and then braking rapidly to avoid hitting someone or running a light. Rapid accelerations will burn fuel more quickly, and sudden stops will wear out your brakes before their time. By paying more attention to your driving, you can learn to accelerate and brake smoothly so as not to harm your car.

Carrying Heavy Loads

Although modern vehicles have the capacity to carry heavier loads, you shouldn’t overdo it. The more weight your car carries, the greater the strain on its suspension, drivetrain, and brakes. If you don’t need to lug around extra stuff, don’t. Driving lightly will save you gas and protect your car.

Hitting Potholes/Speed Bumps at Rapid Speeds

Driving too quickly on unfamiliar roads in Phoenix, AZ can cause you to hit potholes at rapid speeds. The more potholes you hit, the greater your chances of damaging your tires or causing wheels to become unbalanced.  

Careful driving can improve the performance and condition of your car. In like manner, insurance protection from Genesis Insurance in Phoenix, AZ can safeguard you and your family on the road. To learn more about auto insurance options, contact Genesis Insurance.


Prepare Your Home for a Flood

Floods are considered one of the most dangerous and expensive natural disasters in the world. Flooding does not always occur in a designated floodplain. Although you may be at greater risk if you live near a levee or large body of water, flooding can happen anywhere. There are ways you can protect yourself and your home from flooding as a result of a severe rainstorm or an overflowing of water. The Genesis Insurance agency in Phoenix, AZ would like you to have all of the information to be able to protect your home from a flood.

Outside of the Home

  • Raise your home – Some homes can be elevated or raised on stilts to prevent flood waters from entering your home.

  • Coat the foundation – Certain types of waterproof sealants can be sprayed or painted onto the surface of your home which seals cracks. This can prevent water from seeping into any cracks in the foundation.

  • Buy sandbags – Sandbags can be purchased at your local home improvement store. Place the filled bags around the outside to keep water away.

Inside of Your Home

  • Use a safe – Place important documents, such as birth certificates, passports, and insurance policies, inside a waterproof safe.

  • Lift valuables off the floor – Move valuables and furniture to a higher level, if possible.

  • Turn off all electrical items – Electrical items, like televisions, game consoles, and cable boxes should be unplugged and moved to higher ground.

Obtain Flood Insurance

In Arizona, you’ll need to purchase a separate policy for floods. Homeowners policies usually do not cover floods. Most people will need to acquire coverage with the National Flood Insurance Program. The agents of Genesis Insurance in Phoenix, AZ are available to help answer any question you may have about flood insurance in your area.

Can You Add Your Parents to a Life Insurance Policy?

Life insurance is something that more people can benefit from than they currently do. Life insurance can help not only make life after your passing easier for family, but it can also be borrowed against and taken out in the event of a major accident. So who can you add to your policy? Your immediate family like spouses and children are obvious choices, but you can also add your parents. For those in the Phoenix, AZ area, the agents with Genesis Insurance can help.

You can add parents to your life insurance policy under certain circumstances. For instance, if you have a parent that lives with you, that is your dependent, and that can be counted on your taxes, you can add them to your life insurance policy. You must have a vested interest in their lives and their care to put them on a policy, however. You will not be able to add parents that are independently living and non-dependent on you because you do not hold power of attorney over them.

The role of life insurance is to help ease the burden of costs associated with the death of a loved one. As such, most life insurance policies are going to require that those that you are adding to your policy are directly related to you and that you are responsible for their expenses and, therefore, would be responsible for their expenses if they were to pass. When adding parents, you will need to prove that they live with you and that they are your dependent. For those in Phoenix AR, the agents with Genesis Insurance can help you create a perfect life insurance policy for you and your family.

3 Ways to Save Money on Home Insurance

Are you looking for ways to save money on home insurance in Arizona or Texas? You’ve certainly come to the right place. No matter how modest or lavish your home may be, purchasing a home insurance policy is most likely a highly recommended part of the process. 

Bundle Deals

One of the best ways to save on home insurance is by purchasing your home insurance, auto insurance, and other types of insurance from the same company. The vast majority of insurance companies offer very reasonable bundle deals that allow customers to save more, by purchasing multiple policies, which are often discounted and packaged together with one payment for all policies. 

Home Security

Moreover, in addition to the peace of mind resulting from purchasing a home security system, you can also save some money on your home insurance policy. Since home security systems help add an additional layer of security to your home, most home insurance companies will reward you with a discount for keeping your home safer. 

Stick with the Same Company

Although this isn’t always possible (or even advisable), sticking with the same insurance company may yield you some serious discounts over time. Unless you have major concerns about your company, try sticking it out for at least a few years to see if you receive any additional discounts for being a loyal customer. 

Overall, for residents of Arizona or Texas, Genesis Insurance is one of your most reliable options. Offering outstanding customer service and competitive prices, Genesis Insurance gladly serves an array of customers in Texas and Arizona. Call, email, or stop by the office today to find out how to start your policy and hopefully save a few bucks during the process. 

Does Commercial Insurance Have Any Type of Property Damage Payout?

If you operate a business in Phoenix, AZ, then it is of the utmost importance that you invest in commercial insurance. There are many benefits to having this type of insurance, including the ability to receive coverage in the event of an unforeseen covered event, such as fire to your business’ building structure. The exact benefits to be gained by this type of policy will be outlined in the policy’s terms and conditions as well as in the fine print. It is important that you speak with a qualified agent from Genesis Insurance to learn more about the ways you can benefit from commercial insurance. For now, let’s take a look at commercial insurance and its benefits regarding property damage payouts. 

You never know when a disaster could occur, such as a major windstorm blowing through Phoenix, AZ. When this type of disaster occurs, you want to make sure your business is protected by commercial property damage coverage. There are certain kinds of property damage payouts that can be obtained from your commercial insurance policy during a disaster like a wind storm, but the fine print of your policy will tell you what is and is not covered. 

Another example of when your commercial insurance policy may pay out for property damage is when a delivery truck driver accidentally backs into your building instead of the docking port. If their insurance doesn’t cover the extent of the entire loss, your insurance may kick in and pay for what his insurance didn’t cover. 

To learn more about commercial insurance and the types of property payouts that it has, you need to speak with an agent from Genesis Insurance serving the Phoenix, AZ area. Reach out to our offices to get started.

Is it ever legal to drive without insurance?

A common misconception is that it’s legal to drive your car without insurance if you’re planning to buy insurance. This isn’t the case. Luckily, you can buy a policy through Genesis Insurance, so you don’t need to drive without insurance. If you insist on buying your coverage in person, you can always have a friend drive you to get covered. But you don’t want to drive without insurance.

The same goes for driving without proper registration, up to date stickers and so on. If you need to get a license plate, take your driver’s license test, or buy insurance in Phoenix, AZ, you’ll want to do that by mail, over the internet, or have a friend drive you to get the job done.

Of course, it is entirely possible that you can drive wherever it is you’re going without insurance an hope you don’t get pulled over, but you’re rolling the dice on that. You never know when you’re going to hit a traffic checkpoint, you never know when you’re going to miss a speed limit sign and get pulled over, or have an officer hit his sirens because you didn’t know your rear tail light wasn’t working. Our advice: It’s just not worth the risk. The fines you’re going to wind up paying for driving without the proper documents can get very expensive very quickly.

Buying insurance through Genesis Insurance is fast and easy, and we have plenty of options for Phoenix, AZ, and Texas drivers, so there’s no reason you should have to drive without coverage. Reach out to our agents to get your questions answered and try our online rating tool for a quote on auto insurance.

When Can You Claim Flood Insurance?

A flood insurance policy is designed to protect you and your property in the event of a flood in Arizona or Texas. This is a unique type of insurance that is offered as a separate policy from your standard home insurance that covers floods explicitly. Most homeowners tend to think that their standard home insurance policy protects them against floods which isn’t true. If you are a homeowner, then you need to purchase both your home and flood insurance policies from Genesis Insurance in Phoenix, AZ.

Unlike other coverages that may be confusing as to when you can file a claim, things are quite straightforward when it comes to flood insurance. You are expected to file a claim whenever you experience a flood.

What Is the Difference Between a Flood and Water Damage?

To help you understand when you can file a flood damage claim; we shall distinguish between these two confusing terms. You need to keep in mind that you can’t file water damage as flood damage and vice versa. Typically, water damage will occur when water destroys your home. This could be as a result of broken pipes, burst water mains, overflowing bathtubs, damaged washing machines, and so on.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, (FEMA) defines a flood as a general and temporal condition of either complete or partial submergence of at least two acres and at least two properties of normally dry land. This means that flood damage can only occur as a result of either mudflow, overflow of tidal or inland waters, or collapse of an area along the shore of a river or lake.

Therefore, before you contact your insurance provider to file a claim, make sure that the damage qualifies to be classified as flood damage and not just water damage. You should also make sure that you document the entire damage by taking photographs and making a list of the damaged items before you initiate the process of filing a flood insurance claim.

Are you a homeowner in Texas or Arizona? Contact Genesis Insurance in Phoenix, AZ today for a flood insurance policy.