Does Your Auto Insurance Cover a Different Driver?

When it comes to having auto insurance, there are questions you’ll want to address. For example, letting someone else drive your car could be risky if your policy won’t cover them. At Genesis Insurance, we can help drivers in and around the Phoenix AZ area get the answers they’re looking for, so they can have the right insurance coverage for their needs. Our agents are here to help, and to make sure you’re covered properly. That coverage needs to be right for the way you use your vehicle, and should also help with your peace of mind. 

If you have an auto policy and someone else drives your car, they’re generally covered as an occasional driver. If they’re going to be using your car a lot, though, adding them to your policy as a driver could be the right choice. Then you know they’re covered, and you don’t have to worry about taking any risks with that. It’s also a good idea for someone who only drives your car occasionally to have coverage on their own vehicles, as that will typically protect them in the event that they use someone else’s car infrequently.

Don’t take chances as to whether you or other drivers of your car have proper coverage. Instead, reach out to us at Genesis Insurance agency today and let us help you get the auto insurance policy that meets your needs. If you’re in the Phoenix, AZ area, we can work with you to find the best type and level of coverage for your vehicle and driving habits. Then you won’t need to worry about whether another driver will be covered if they use your vehicle, and you can just get back to enjoying all the great things the Phoenix area has to offer.

3 Tips for a More Comprehensive Auto Insurance Policy

A better auto insurance policy starts with tackling all of the things that might go wrong both on and off the road in Phoenix, AZ. From injuries to theft to property damage, there are a lot of different topics to cover. It’s no wonder that people don’t want to think about it, but it really does pay to know as much as you can. Genesis Insurance has a few tips so you can have a clearer picture of what you’re signing up for. 

1. Start Asking Questions

It’s really the questions that help you become more aware of what your policy covers, and in this case, it helps to be more detailed than less. So what happens if you hit another car and their dog is injured because of it? Are you liable for the vet bills? What happens if you change jobs and your car is stolen from the parking lot? Is this covered if you never updated your policy? 

2. Err on More Communication 

Whether you decide to start driving for Uber or you install a new stereo system, you should really be calling your insurance company to let them know. This kind of communication ensures fewer surprises later on. In some cases, your policy might not change, but you should at least take the precaution. 

3. Find the Right Carrier 

A good carrier will help you go through your auto insurance policy and start teasing out what needs to change about it. If you live in Phoenix, AZ and want to get a policy with better coverage, call Genesis Insurance. We’re here to help you find the terms that are most relevant to you, so you have everything you need in case anything happens.

What type of auto insurance do I need to carry in Arizona?

Most states require all drivers to carry auto insurance. However, the requirements for coverage often vary from state to state.  Arizona drivers are required to carry at least the state’s minimum coverage, if not more.  Genesis Insurance of Phoenix, AZ is dedicated to helping Arizona drivers get the coverage they need.

Arizona State Minimums for Auto Insurance

The state laws of Arizona require that all drivers carry $25,000 in bodily injury liability coverage per person. Arizona requires drivers to carry $50,000 worth of coverage per accident. Drivers must also carry at least $15,000 in property damage liability coverage. These coverage amounts represent Arizona’s minimum requirements for auto insurance. Drivers can purchase more coverage if they need or want to. 

If You Have an Auto Loan…

Although Arizona has state minimums for auto coverage, like most states, drivers who have an auto loan may have to meet the insurance requirements for lenders as well. Typically. Lenders often require drivers who have an auto loan to purchase a full comprehensive automobile policy. A fully comprehensive insurance policy ensures that lenders are compensated if anything happens to the car before its paid for. A full auto insurance policy includes liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage.  All three of these coverages are included in full coverage auto insurance. Genesis Insurance of Phoenix, AZ is dedicated to helping Arizona drivers meet Arizonas state requirements f auto insurance and get the auto insurance coverage they need based on their unique situations. We are standing by to answer any questions you may have and to help you invest in the type of coverage that will meet Arizona’s minimum requirements as well as any other coverage needs you may have. 

What should I look for in an Arizona auto insurance policy?

Anyone that is in the Phoenix, AZ area likely understands the need to own a car. Since you may need to have a car to get around town and complete life’s daily tasks, you need to make sure that it is properly covered by a quality auto insurance policy. When you are shopping for a new auto insurance policy, there are several things that you should look for to ensure you get great coverage. 

Liability Coverage

When you are looking for an auto insurance policy in Arizona, the first thing to look for is the amount of liability insurance that you will receive. All drivers in Arizona need to have an auto insurance policy with at least $15,000 in bodily injury coverage per person with a $30,000 per incident cap. You also need to have $15,000 in property damage liability coverage. While this is the minimum requirement, you may want to have more liability coverage.

Asset Coverage

As you are shopping for an auto insurance policy, you should also consider coverage for your asset. If you have a car that you would like to be able to repair or replace after a bad accident, you should get collision and comprehensive insurance coverage. This form of insurance coverage will provide you with coverage for your vehicle and is often required by any auto loan provider.

When you are ready to get a new auto insurance policy in the Phoenix, AZ area, you should call the team at Genesis Insurance. When you speak with Genesis Insurance, you can discuss your personal risks and needs. They can then help you to get into an auto insurance policy that will provide you with the coverage you need to comply with state law and adequately cover your vehicle. 

3 Ways to Protect Your Car From Being Stolen

Car theft is a problem in many areas of the country, including Phoenix, AZ. The agents of Genesis Insurance understand the frustration clients feel when their car is stolen or broken into. The following three tips will help you keep your car safe and possibly prevent it from being stolen or damaged by vandals.

Park in an Illuminated Area

If you must park your car outside, always park in an area where street lights are nearby. Illuminated areas make it harder for a car thief to get into your car without being seen. It also ensures that your car can be seen by nearby surveillance cameras if someone does try to get into it.

Always Lock Your Car

Always lock your car. It also helps to make sure that nothing of value is visible from the outside. Newer cars have electronic locks that can be managed through an app or with a compatible key fob. When you lock your car, always take your keys with you. Never leave them where they are visible.

Set Your Car Alarm

Locking your car isn’t always enough. Set your car alarm for an added layer of protection. If your car doesn’t have an alarm, you can have one installed for an affordable price.

If you live in Phoenix, AZ and want information about how to protect your vehicle from theft, call and speak to a reputable agent from Genesis Insurance. When you need answers, you have to go to the agency that has them. Each of the agents is highly trained and knowledgeable about vehicle safety and can assist you in protecting your vehicle. 


What Happens If You Crash Without Auto Insurance?

At Genesis Insurance, we’ve had to work with people in Phoenix, AZ who don’t have car insurance. Some people try to go without this vital protection and end up in a severe accident. Then, they experience some real financial and legal problems that they could have easily avoided. 

You’re in Trouble If You Cause the Accident 

When you cause an accident, and you don’t have car insurance, you are in likely in serious legal and financial trouble. With insurance, your liability coverage would protect you from lawsuits and help pay the damages and legal fees. Without it, you are on your own. 

As a result, if somebody sues you for $50,000 after an accident and wins, you’re liable to pay these damages. In some cases, you may even be in legal trouble because you didn’t have auto insurance. This problem makes the situation even more complex and challenging to handle. 

You May Still Be in Trouble If You Didn’t 

You might think that you’d be able to sue a driver who caused an accident even if you don’t have insurance. In states with lax auto insurance laws, you may. However, other states have what are known as "no pay, no play" laws. These are designed to protect insured drivers and punish uninsured ones. 

In essence, these laws state that a lack of insurance limits your ability to sue. For example, you can’t sue for non-financial damages, such as emotional duress or physical pain. And you may have to pay pretty hefty fees before you sue. While Arizona doesn’t have these laws, you may run into complications if a judge tasks exception to your lack of insurance. 

Learning More 

So if you need help finding high-quality car insurance to avoid these dangers, please contact us at Genesis Insurance. We serve Phoenix, AZ with some of the best protection around. Contact us to get a free quote or to learn more about your policy options through us and to protect yourself from serious lawsuits.

Surprising Things Auto Insurance Covers

Auto insurance can cover a number of different things, and there are some obvious benefits, but there are also some you probably didn’t think of in Phoenix, AZ. An agent at Genesis Insurance can help you with any questions about your policy.

  • Damage from Rodents: It may not be likely, but rodents, such as mice and squirrels, can do severe damage to the inner workings of a vehicle. They do this damage by building nests or chewing on electrical wires. Comprehensive coverage can pay for damage that is caused by animals.
  • Car Seats: Car seats are needed in order to protect your children properly and should be replaced after an accident. Insurance companies view car seats as part of your car, and they are covered under collision coverage.
  • Falling Objects: Comprehensive coverage will cover all falling objects, whether that’s a tree branch that comes down during a storm, construction materials falling, or rocks from an overpass.
  • Wildlife: Animals in the road can cause a lot of damage, and even hitting a small animal can trigger an accident. Comprehensive coverage will pay for repairs. It’s not just getting into a collision with a vehicle. For example, if a bear rips into your car to get food, you could be covered as well.
  • Potholes: If you hit a pothole at high speed and cause damage to your vehicle, your collision coverage can come in handy. Technically, you would be considered at fault for the accident, but repairs to your car will be covered.
  • Others’ Personal Property: Your personal property in your car, such as your laptop, isn’t covered under your car insurance, but someone else’s property is. If there is damage to someone’s property while in your car, the liability insurance will help pay for any costs.

Contact Genesis Insurance, serving Phoenix, AZ, to get a quote on auto insurance. 

Bad Driving Habits can Damage Your Car

Many drivers are guilty of bad driving habits that damage their vehicles. Most people, however, are unaware of these habits or the damage they can cause. Recognizing these habits can give you the incentive to stop. Here are some of the most common driving habits that cause vehicles harm.

Riding Brakes

Braking is an essential aspect of driving. Riding your brakes, however, is not. Riding brakes, especially when going downhill, will cause them to wear out quicker. Brake overuse can even cause brake discs to warp before their time, forcing you to have them replaced at your expense.

Accelerating /Braking Rapidly

Although there are times you have to stop suddenly, some people have a habit of accelerating rapidly and then braking rapidly to avoid hitting someone or running a light. Rapid accelerations will burn fuel more quickly, and sudden stops will wear out your brakes before their time. By paying more attention to your driving, you can learn to accelerate and brake smoothly so as not to harm your car.

Carrying Heavy Loads

Although modern vehicles have the capacity to carry heavier loads, you shouldn’t overdo it. The more weight your car carries, the greater the strain on its suspension, drivetrain, and brakes. If you don’t need to lug around extra stuff, don’t. Driving lightly will save you gas and protect your car.

Hitting Potholes/Speed Bumps at Rapid Speeds

Driving too quickly on unfamiliar roads in Phoenix, AZ can cause you to hit potholes at rapid speeds. The more potholes you hit, the greater your chances of damaging your tires or causing wheels to become unbalanced.  

Careful driving can improve the performance and condition of your car. In like manner, insurance protection from Genesis Insurance in Phoenix, AZ can safeguard you and your family on the road. To learn more about auto insurance options, contact Genesis Insurance.


Is it ever legal to drive without insurance?

A common misconception is that it’s legal to drive your car without insurance if you’re planning to buy insurance. This isn’t the case. Luckily, you can buy a policy through Genesis Insurance, so you don’t need to drive without insurance. If you insist on buying your coverage in person, you can always have a friend drive you to get covered. But you don’t want to drive without insurance.

The same goes for driving without proper registration, up to date stickers and so on. If you need to get a license plate, take your driver’s license test, or buy insurance in Phoenix, AZ, you’ll want to do that by mail, over the internet, or have a friend drive you to get the job done.

Of course, it is entirely possible that you can drive wherever it is you’re going without insurance an hope you don’t get pulled over, but you’re rolling the dice on that. You never know when you’re going to hit a traffic checkpoint, you never know when you’re going to miss a speed limit sign and get pulled over, or have an officer hit his sirens because you didn’t know your rear tail light wasn’t working. Our advice: It’s just not worth the risk. The fines you’re going to wind up paying for driving without the proper documents can get very expensive very quickly.

Buying insurance through Genesis Insurance is fast and easy, and we have plenty of options for Phoenix, AZ, and Texas drivers, so there’s no reason you should have to drive without coverage. Reach out to our agents to get your questions answered and try our online rating tool for a quote on auto insurance.