Why Phoenix, AZ residents need to check flood maps frequently

Why Phoenix, AZ residents need to check flood maps frequently

Did you know that over 62,351 properties in Phoenix, AZ, are at risk of flooding? According to a 2020 report, Arizona has higher chances of getting flooded every year. For this reason, insurance experts at Genesis Insurance advise residents to check flood maps and buy flood insurance early enough to protect their homes and commercial properties from flood damage. So, why check maps now and then? Here are a few eye-opening reasons.

Flood maps track changes

Flood risk changes over time. It could be the change of flow and drain due to community development, natural forces, or land use. These changes affect how water drains, which in turn affects the risk of floods on your property. The changes also reflect on your flood insurance policy and also affects your rates. For instance, if your Phoenix AZ policy reads that your home is in a low-risk area at the date of purchase, five years down the line, it could be reading your home is in a moderate or high-risk area depending on the changes.

High flood risk areas are likely to get worse.

If your property were marked to be in a high-risk flood area, you would likely be hit by floods every time they occur. If they used to affect your home before, the level of damage might get worse. Human activities such as cutting down trees and clearing forests and other natural habitats for road construction can easily worsen your situation. Checking the flood maps helps you determine the level of risk and act accordingly.

Maps help you to prepare

Remember, flood insurance matures after 30 days from the date of purchase. If you checked your map and discovered that you moved from moderate flood risk to high risk, you may want to buy flood insurance early enough or increase your coverage limits if you already have a policy.

Please don’t wait till it’s too late to buy flood insurance. Genesis Insurance will be happy to help you get an accurate picture of your property’s flood risk so you can prepare. Contact us for a deal.