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Commercial Insurance

A business is a significant investment which makes it essential to protect it. A commercial insurance policy will minimize your business’ risk against losses. Commercial insurance comes in many forms, and the type of your business will determine the coverage you need. You can insure your business assets, real estate, and health of employees. At Genesis Insurance in Phoenix, AZ, we offer commercial insurance which covers a wide range of areas including:

Public liability

This will protect you when members of the public or customers suffer personal injury or property damage because of your business. If your business is sued, it will pay the legal expenses and compensation claims.

Employers’ liability

Employers' liability coverage is a legal requirement for many businesses that have more than one employee. It protects the business if an employee gets ill or injured as a result of working for you. It will pay the employee’s compensation claims. A former employee can also claim compensation for some illnesses that take time to show.

Professional indemnity

A client can suffer a financial or professional loss as a result of negligence from your work. If this happens, it will pay compensations claims and legal fees. Professional indemnity is important for an Arizona or Texas business that offers professional services, gives advice, or handles intellectual property or data belonging to a company or client.

Apart from the mentioned, commercial insurance can also cover:

  • Product liability
  • Business buildings
  • Business contents
  • Business interruption
  • IT equipment and laptop cover
  • Stock insurance
  • Tools and equipment
  • Plant and machinery

Commercial insurance covers businesses against loses from unforeseen circumstances. Every Arizona or Texas business owner benefits from having commercial insurance. When choosing a commercial insurance policy for your business, it is essential to consider a reputable insurance company. At Genesis Insurance in Phoenix, AZ, we have modern administration tools that help us offer reliable commercial insurance policies for business. Visit or call our office, and we will help you acquire a policy that suits you and your business.


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