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Do you own a house or a condo? If you own a condo and are looking for a suitable condo insurance, then this small guide might help you. It will cover basic aspects of condo insurance policy such as loss assessment coverage, dwelling limit, and coverage regarding other structures.

While a basic homeowner’s insurance policy would include both your interior and exterior, a condo insurance would only protect your interior, ceilings, walls, and floors. These are basic aspects of any condo insurance policy and would apply to someone living in Arizona or Texas.

Bear in mind that dwelling limits for a condo would be much less irrespective of your location of residence. Dwelling limit is calculated by subtracting the value of land and location from the value of the unit. But in case of a condo, the dwelling limit would be based on upgrades made to the unit. Also, you won’t be protected from any damages caused to your fences or mailboxes. These are typically out of the scope of such insurance policies.

Finally, condo insurance policies usually include loss assessment coverage. For example, you are living in Phoenix, AZ, and you got seriously injured along with the damages to your condo. Afterwards, you were awarded a higher amount than what your current insurance policy covers. In that case, loss assessment coverage would kick in and play its role.

This is the basic information one needs to know regarding condo insurance. If you are looking for such a policy and are living in Texas or Arizona, Genesis Insurance might be your go-to agency. We are reliable and trusted by millions in Arizona and Texas. Just visit our office or contact our Genesis insurance agents in Phoenix, AZ, and we will help get you started on a condo insurance policy.


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