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Having a home comes with a great deal of responsibility. Not only do you need to maintain your home and everything within, but you must protect your home from when disaster strikes as well. Having homeowners insurance allows you to have peace of mind knowing that in the event of a catastrophe your home will be covered. But what exactly is covered by homeowners insurance?

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Typically, home insurance will cover any damages that happen to either the inside or outside of your home. This can be anything from hail damage to a fallen tree on your roof. Additionally, items inside your home, such as appliances will also be covered in the event they are damaged by a power surge or lightning strike. Most natural disasters will be covered by your insurance with the exception of some specifics, such as earthquake damage and flooding, that may require additional insurance policies.

Furthermore, within your home insurance policy, you are protected from things like theft and accident. The items inside your home, from electronics to furniture, will be covered if you are a victim of theft. Additionally, any items that are on your property, like a shed or separate garage will also be included. Home insurance is also intended to provide medical coverage for any visitors that may be hurt while visiting your property. Should a slip, trip, or fall occur while walking around your home, your home insurance policy will provide coverage for the injuries.

If you need help with your existing insurance policy or would like information about starting a new policy, please reach out to the experts at Genesis Insurance in Phoenix, AZ. Our experts, proudly serving residents of Arizona and Texas, are here to answer any questions you may have regarding home insurance. Residents of Phoenix, AZ are also welcome to visit the offices of Genesis Insurance. For those who cannot visit our office, Arizona and Texas citizens can find our home insurance rating tool on our website to get quotes on home insurance. Visit or call us today!


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